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Who we are

CANTON Consulting helps clients establish innovative payment solutions.

We work with industrial and commercial companies, as well as public service entities and agencies, to help them optimize their payment solutions.

We also support projects involving the creation of new payment services.

CANTON Consulting assists clients in deciphering and understanding the transformation underway in the world of payments. We help our clients anticipate both their operational and strategic needs.

We enable them to make the most of new developments, to optimize their payment systems and services and help them to take full advantage opportunities related to the recently established Single Europe Payment Area (SEPA).

Our team 

Bringing together banking professionals, computer programmers, high-level lawyers, plus marketing and CRM specialists, CANTON Consulting offers expert assessments, training, analyses and optimization recommendations for specific business activities. We also support programmes ranging from the finalisation of tailor-made strategic approaches, to project management for dedicated solutions.

Our offer

CANTON Consulting is active in three areas : consultingpublishing and engineering.

Consulting is our main business activity today. In just over two years of existence, we have helped to design and guide the creation of two of the 12 payment institutions created in France. In total, four of these new institutions are now our clients.

Publishing activities are primarily focused on monitoring and analysing new payment trends in our bi-weekly newsletter, New Payment Dynamics (Les Nouvelles Dynamiques du Paiement ®). Subscribers benefit from an overview of essential developments in the world of payments with insightful analysis, making it a valuable tool for monitoring transformations under way in the world of payments. Our editorial activity has allowed CANTON Consulting to form a team that combines experience with real-time knowledge of the latest payment sector developments, whether technological, regulatory or commercial.

Engineering is a strong aspect our company’s character, bringing together a large number of engineers. A significant segment of our business is devoted to research and development, allowing us classification in France as a young, innovative enterprise (YIE). In particular, our research focuses on modelling compliance rules and on database management in the interest of research on and analyses of applicable legal rules, over time, in the different EEA member states.

CANTON Consulting also enjoys exclusive rights to providing support for design and implementation of solutions that make use of innovative architecture for payment solutions (European and US patents pending).