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Solutions and services

Consulting : we help make your payment dreams come true !

Our structured and collaborative methodology allow us to effectively manage complex projects including several teams across the world. Our approach is not limited to advising but consists in allowing our customer teams to become autonomous in its payment services project and able to stay aware of the sector dynamics through teaching and knowledge sharing, so that they do not depend but rely on us.

Payment engineering

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the payment industry, we are able to help you in designing new offers and integrating technical solutions.

Smart compliance

Our awareness of the payment sector regulations and key related rules, such as the Anti-Money Laundering mechanisms, combined with our understanding of the market, allow us to help you to smartly address regulatory challenges. Our goal is to optimize your compliance.

Access to the SEPA Market

The Single Euro Payments Area has become a major and strategic playing field for successful innovation. Gain access to the SEPA Market as a single market ! 


Payment Watch: stay tuned to world payment  industry news!


Our day to day work includes a sophisticated technical, strategic and regulatory monitoring of the payment world.

Through our participation in W3C, CANTON-Consulting is directly involved in cutting-edge research and discussions about the future of payments across the US, Asia, Europe and the rest of the World.

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Since 2014, CANTON is a W3C member, participating to the WEB PAYMENTS INTEREST GROUP.

This working group is building the Web Payments open standards of the future, identifying the requirements and expectations of payers and payees in order to build a technically standardized web payment experience.

Through this membership, CANTON-Consulting is directly involved in cutting edge researches and discussions about the future of payments across the US and Europe.