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PIC W3C Web Payments and Commerce Paris 2016-05-19

Meet the players of Payments' revolution

A cycle of professional events, in Paris

Exclusively for an audience of professionals, periodically gathering to understand the forthcoming strategic trends in Payment and discovering new cutting edge solutions


Thursday, the 19th of May 2016: 

Web Payment is the next milestone in E-Commerce and in the digitalization of the merchant & customer relationship


An event jointly organized by

 A Regional Event of the W3C France Office

Key Topics to be discussed

 Customer and merchant experience

 The power of global standards

 Securing the future of payments

 Fostering a new framework for digital economy, global commerce and up-to-date financial services

 Requirements for a mandatory compliance and SEPA acceptance ?


The 19th of May 2016

  • Welcome Coffee 8:15

  • Introductive Keynote by Jeff JAFFE, W3C CEO 8:45

  • CANTON-Consulting and the W3 Consortium will bring together : European and World leaders in payment and financial industry, major players in e-commerce and local trade representatives, with innovators to discuss the present and future effects of a successful digitalization through global standards for payments

  • Lunch time 12:45 (ends at 2 pm.) 





Located in Paris, 9, avenue FD Roosevelt Paris 8 (MapIn “les salons France-Amériques

French and English speaking conference

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Price : 235 € HT per participant (282 € VAT incl.)  

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On line (and in French)

Any additional question? just ask! by phone : + 33 9 63 46 85 46 or mail: pic@cantonconsulting.fr

More details, come back next week :

Here will be the link to a new special website where you may discover the whole program 

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