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Our vision about New Payment Trends

New Payment Trends

In just a few years, the EU authorities have instituted a multitude of initiatives that have profoundly transformed the economics of payments in Europe, with the Payment Services Directive (2007/64/EC), the consumer credit regulation, anti-money laundering obligations, changes in supervisory mechanisms and more: all national rules have given way to a coherent set of new EU rules applicable to 32 countries.
But changes in the domain of payments do not stop there...

Payments are at the very heart of all commerce!

With the introduction of SEPA, the Single Euro Payments Area, the creation of a single market for payment services carries with it lofty ambitions for growth and competitiveness throughout the European Economic Area.
For industrial, commercial and services companies, as well as for public services and local authorities, the performance and simplification of purchasing acts, as well as financial/commercial performance, are directly in play. With the clear goal of fostering innovation, this EU policy coincides with the appearance of a broad range of new technologies linked to network development, mobile telephony, contactless technologies, prepaid instruments and new billing and payment instruments.
This wave of upheavals interests and affects the consumer by transforming customary practices. The years to come promise to bring with them profound changes in payment services tools, techniques, rules, habits and players.

At the ready for these transformations, CANTON Consulting was created to accompany the conception and set-up of innovative payment solutions.

In the domain of payments – a regulated activity – a project’s success is achieved through a combination of highly specialised skill sets involving numerous domains: regulation, security, IT architecture, business and consumer logic, communications, internal controls, business continuity, compliance, monitoring of prudential requirements, and the list goes on.
To bring together all the necessary factors for success in our support of the projects entrusted to us, we have formed a team of seasoned experts with in-depth experience in these matters, acquired through positions of responsibility held in the field of payments.
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